6 acres for sale in Mukima

Mukima area is growing each day to be a hotspot for agricultural activities and development of holiday homes. You too can be part of this growth whether as an individual, sacco or group by purchasing this land at Ksh 1.5M per acre. The land is 2.5km from the tarmac and near Swara Ranch (a gated community development) in the Maiyan location.



12.5 acres for sale in Nyeri

Located in a prime location along the Nyeri-Kiganjo highway, 4Kms from Nyeri town near Nyeri Baptist School, this land is ideal for investments ranging from development of holiday homes, hotels, hospitals, school and gated communities. Each acre is selling at Ksh 24 million. The land is fully fenced with natural and planted vegetation and the land has been a private residence over the years.


0.125 acres for sale in Nanyuki CBD

The 0.125 acre commercial property is located in the heart of Nanyuki CBD along Willy Jimmy Road between Bestlady store and Ibis Hotel. It comprises a 350 sqm single floor building currently hosting a Bata shoe store, AA Driving school and other businesses. With the growing demand for commercial land in Nanyuki, this location is ideal for mixed-use developments including offices, hospital retail and hospitality.



9-acres for sale in Ragati, Nanyuki

The 9- acre plot with a river frontage is located 9 kms from Nanyuki town, 2 kms off the Nanyuki-Nyeri highway in the scenic Ragati area. The area is popular with buyers looking to develop private homes, rental developments, agriculture, or sub-division into plots for sale. Each acre is selling for Kshs. 3.5M.



6.4 acres in Endana

The 6.4 acre property fronting Ngarengiro river is located in Endana area, 30Kms from Nanyuki 2Kms off the Rumuruti highway. The land is fully fenced and has a good access road. The location is ideal for agriculture with all year round water supply from the river. Other agricultural activities in the area include tomatoes and largescale flower farming downstream. Selling as a whole at 550K per acre.


0.5 Acres for sale in Ragati 

The half-acre property going for Ksh 2.6 million is located in Ragati/Ichuga area, 7Kms from Nanyuki town, 1Km from the airstrip, 900 meters off Nanyuki – Nyeri highway behind Delta Petrol Station. The area has seen steady growth in private homes and residential developments for rent and sale due to affordability and convenient access. Buyers looking to invest in land, put up a home or rental property will find this location ideal.


100 acre Commercial Land for Sale in Narumoro

If you’ve been looking to invest in agricultural land, you can do so now by acquiring this 100-acre agricultural land that’s under horticulture production located in Narumoru, 9km from the Nanyuki-Nyeri road. The chunk of land is valued at Ksh. 150,000,000 million. This land has plenty of water supplied by a borehole and fed into a dam in the farm. It also comes with a complete irrigation system and a greenhouse. Accessing the land is easy due to the presence of tarmacked and murram roads.