An Overview of Apartments for Rent in Nanyuki

Apartments are a vital solution to the housing problem worldwide as they offer a living space to a large number of people on a small acreage. In Nanyuki, apartments for rent are popular with low- and middle-class-income bracket. The age group that mostly prefer apartments for rent in Nanyuki range between 18 years to 40 years.

There are a variety of apartments in Nanyuki. They range from old apartments – the one’s constructed in the 2000s, renovated apartments – old apartments improved to be more modernized and match the current demands and trends in the market, and new apartments – newly constructed apartments.

The price range of apartments for rent in Nanyuki depends on the size, location, amenities provided and design of the apartments.

The rent for One (1) bedroom apartment range between Sh 10,000 and Sh 30,000.

Two (2) bedroom apartments for rent in Nanyuki range from Sh 15,000 to Sh 40,000.

Three-bedroom apartments are not so common in Nanyuki with people opting to live in standalone houses when they need more than 2 bedrooms in a house.

Three (3) bedroom apartments for rent in Nanyuki range from Sh 30,000 to Sh 80,000.

Some of the most popular estates where apartments are located include Sporty Estate – located 2km from Nanyuki CBD, Mountain View Estate 2km from town, Teachers Triangle 3km from CBD, Baraka Estate 4km from the CBD and Makutano 4km from CBD. There are also apartments located in the town center.

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