Nanyuki; the quiet town with a booming economy

Nanyuki town has for the longest period been a hotspot for vacations and gate-aways; a popular destination for revelers and holiday seekers. The town which has existed since the pre-colonial days is surrounded by game parks and reserves, world class restaurants and the beautiful Mt. Kenya which offers a majestic view. The town is also a proud host of Military men ranging from the Kenya Airforce, Kenya Army and the British Army Training Unit in Kenya (Batuk). Nanyuki is a cosmopolitan town with an ever-growing population which includes settlers, army men, citizens from neighboring counties and of course the residents. Of course, with all these amenities and provisions the town has with time become a hotbed for investors with particularly the real estate market growing exponentially.

The growth of Nanyuki town has unexpectedly been fast-tracked by Covid-19 restrictions imposed in the country by the government especially in the capital, Nairobi and other cities in the country. The town has rarely been affected by the major lockdowns, making it a business hub that is under 3 hours’ drive from the capital. With working from home becoming the norm, a number of organizations and their staff have opted to move their operations to Nanyuki while still performing at their optimum capacity. Of course, the shift has reduced the operational costs with issues such transport, housing and generally the cost of living greatly reduced making the town an ideal destination to move too.

In terms of investments and economy, the presence of white settlers, the Batuk and a huge number of horticultural farms all come together to form this vibrant economy making Nanyuki a powerhouse in the region and an important link to northern Kenya. The revival of the Nairobi-Nanyuki railway and the plan by the government to build a storage facility for goods transiting from Nairobi to Ethiopia has also re-energized the economy and created great promise for the already vibrant town. The statistics indicate that within three years the population in Nanyuki will be 3 million. All of these are creating a need and growth in the real estate industry that has experienced a steady rise. Investing in a home or land in Nanyuki is a mouth-watering opportunity that one simply cannot sleep on. We UpperHouse Properties Limited have been in this market for close to 20 years now and have the experience and skillset to help you have a slice of these opportunities. In partnership with us, we will ensure you get a share of this cake.

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